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The CWC Team

Jerome Hughes is the Executive Director of CWC. He provides leadership and makes sure that the organization runs efficiently. He also provides program quality control, manages the volunteers and the staff, and collaborates with state and local programs and agencies. Jerome interacts with CWC consumers to help them each step of the way on their path to recovery and independence.

Lisa Goodwin is a Management Consultant to CWC. She provides quality program development.

Michael Pendrak is the Site Supervisor.

Jennifer and Linda work at the front desk making clients aware of the different services offered by CWC.

Eugene Powell picks up and delivers items as needed and drives consumers to and fro CWC. He provides peer support and empowerment to support participants in their path to wellness.

Michael Davis and Bardell Brown facilitate peer support groups.

Ms. Hai, Mr. Abebe and Diane manage the kitchen. They make lunch for more than 45 clients everyday.

Gauri works on promotional tools like the online newsletter.